Anonymous aked: InuYasha or Kaneki?
The Girl Who Overcame Time

mikington asked Inukag ✗ or Mirsan?

What was your favorite InuKag moment? MiroSang?



I’m going to give you my top 5 of each because I genuinely can’t decide.  Spoilers ahead.

InuKag Moments

  • When we first saw Inuyasha’s human form and he got poisoned by that nasty spider demon in “Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-Haired Inuyasha”, and he lay his head in Kagome’s lap. “Kagome…you smell kind of nice.” “You made a point to tell me you couldn’t stand my scent!” “I did…but I was lying.”  
  • When Inuyasha opens up and tells Kagome about how he grew up at the end of “Jinenji, Kind Yet Sad” and watches her walk away, realizing that he wasn’t alone anymore, and how natural it felt to be with Kagome.
  • When Kagome is holding the evil infant of Naraku in “Transform Heartache into Courage!”, and the infant is urging her to believe that Inuyasha has abandoned her, that she should feel hatred towards Kikyo and Inuyasha—and Kagome says that to feel sad and hurt is natural, and all it means is that she is in love with Inuyasha—and Inuyasha bursts through the door to save her. 
  • In “The Demon’s True Nature”, when Inuyasha is trying to wash the scent of blood off his claws, haunted by the bandits he slaughtered when he briefly went full-demon, and Kagome embraced him from behind.  
  • The final episode, when the Shikon jewel snatches Kagome into the Meidou and Inuyasha leaps after her, and when he finds her…I won’t spoil you, but let’s just say this scene WAS A GODDAMN LONG TIME COMING.

MirSan Moments

  • In the episode “Only You, Sango”, when Miroku realizes the demon Sango is fighting is not a demon, but an angry spirit, and scoops her up bridal style right before she’s about to get struck down, getting slashed himself in the process.  
  • In the episode “Into the Depths of Mt. Hakurei”, when Miroku opens up his wind tunnel, sucking in the Saimyoshou in order to prolong Sango’s life.
  • Also in the episode “Into the Depths of Mt. Hakurei” when Miroku tells Sango to go on without him and she refuses, saying that if he can’t go on, she’ll die with him and they embrace.  The foreshadowing scene in this is incredible.
  • When Sango kisses Miroku, while he’s unconscious. 
  • In the final battle with Naraku when Miroku realizes the wind tunnel is expanding and he’s going to die and he says, “Sango, this is where we must part” and runs off but she chases after him and when they reunite she’s inhaled the poisonous miasma and is too weak to stand (she gave Rin her mask) and she weakly asks him to take her with him when he gets swallowed up and Miroku breaks down for a brief moment cuz he’s terrified for her and for himself and they are down to the very last strains of desperation and fear.